I want to add as few units as possible in the first version. It restricts scope and the number of possible assets.

Lucky for me all units are defined here.

Basically the attributes are

  • Attack – Air
  • Attack – Water
  • Attack – Ground
  • Range
  • Group size  (1-6) – Number of element the unit can loose before dying
  • Armour – Defense
  • Speed – Speed on ground
  • Weight – Used for transportation
  • cost
  • Name

I am going to stick with ground units and leave out any special rules.But I am going to add the veteran feature where units receive experience for every attack made. I

A unit on the map should for all types support

  • Movement restriction
  • Range restriction
  • Destroyed animation
  • Attack/defend animation
  • Experience indicator
  • Damage indicator

Movement restriction and Range restriction

In the original game we highlight the hex-fields. I am going to stick with that

Hightlited hex to the right

highlighted hex to the right


To make them really cool, ill need proper assets. Unfortunately I don’t have the skill level and it will be overkill to-do them now. So I’ll add simple effects. Historyline had a really nice fast-battle animation where each unit “popped” away if they died. But I have opted for a fast-paced game and I’ll have to come up with something else (insert link)


The “fast” battle animation shown to the left


In the original game the info was shown in the bottom when unit was seleted. I will do the same and create a bottom box. But more about that in layout (insert link)

Info is shown in bottom

Info is shown in bottom


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