The Plan

battleplanWell I need a plan, in order to be able to finish anything. So first I am going to look at my assets, the problem and then create the plan.


Here is my assets

  • One 36 year old developer with 13 years developing experience 8 in gaming.
  • One Unity 3.5 license for Android and IOS
  • A 14 year old game

This is definitely not enough for a high quality game on any platform, not even close. But that’s not the goal, at least not now.

The Goal

I want to see if there is still room for these kind of games and I want to do them on modern mobile platform. This is an ambitious goal and I will not succeed alone. But I do not have to, I just have to show it and I believe that the rest will come. So here comes my goal

I want to create a modern midcore demo of the game historyline, that will function on a mobile device.

Why you ask? Well I think there is room for casual games who offer more than freaking unicorns, rainbows and endless runners. But there is not room for games like the original historyline that took hours and hours, so I will have to find an fitting approach.

The Plan

The plan is as follows.

  1. Analyse the original game, pro and cons with my current goal in mind
  2. Development plan, assets and features
  3. Test phase ( if its good enough i’ll throw it on app store, otherwise it will have to be a web version)
  4. I have no clue, time will tell

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