UI components in game

Landscape or not?

The first thing to consider is landscape or not. Landscape will allow me room for UI components in the side, for the player and his opponent, while still allowing room for map interaction.

Design considerations

A simple sketch will go a long way.

A mobile game has a HUD or UI and then the game-board itself. I want the hud to be a small as possible but I also want to avoid UI elements like health bars on the game-board. So I’ll try to follow the basic design rules

  • UI elements that are seldom used. Will only be shown when needed.Example attack processing UI
  • No UI elements on game-board
  • Keep animations on frequently used UI elements short and simple
  • The layout of UI elements must support different screen sizes

UI components

I want as little UI clutter on this page as possible, so as few permanent components as possible. I need to add

Permanent UI components

  • Action points
  • Quit Button

Context Dependent UI components

  • Attack menu (Modal) – shown when user select own unit and taps on enemy – Shows strength of enemy and strength of own- Animates in from the sides
  • Building Menu – Shown when user taps on a building, – shows units wand allows for repair. Should be fullscreen
Attack screen - After user has pressed own unit and then other unit

Attack screen – After user has pressed own unit and then other unit

Factory UI

Factory UI


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