Buildings is more or less a specialised piece of terrain. Some of them can be built and some of the have special attributes

  • Impassable (Ground,earth,air)
  • Impassable (Unit type A, Unit type B,…)
  • Movement cost
  • Defense bonus
  • Constructable
  • Special rules
  • Movement cost

Building types

Name Impassable Impassable units UnitsDefense Constructable Special Movement cost
bunker bunker Yes All 0 No Acts as a bounded unit 0
Depot Depot Yes None 0 no A depot can repair units and can be owned. Repair costs action points 1
Harbour Harbour No All units 0 No Repairs Water units 0
Factory Factory Yes  All units 0 1 Constructs units. Costs action points 0
 Headquater  HQ  Yes  All units  0  No  By loosing this you loose the level. It also acts as a Depot.  0
All ground units

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