I have already covered some of the attack design. This is going to be more in depth.


First lets look at the controls. Since I have already decided that a units stats is shown when its selected I need to have some kind of tap to select. The question is then how to a user attack. Here the options are

  1. Drag to attack
  2. tap to attack

Now drag to attack is not that intuitive but it has a nice “touchy” feeling, I “throw” my unit onto the other and it doubles up as movement so i drag my únit to where I want it. Tap to attack is more common, but I am going to try to make drag work.So sequence is

Tap unit -> drag on top of other unit -> release

If there are any errors “move” is reset. The hex below should  light up when a units is above it so the user always know where it will dropped.

There must be a clear path to the target and the last hex before the target on the path must be free.

Determining the outcome

I have no idea how the original game determined the outcome. But I can look at whap happens and try do deduct it.

6 light infantry attacks a cavalry unit and the cavalry takes to losses. It looks like in the animation that each unit gets an attack, that would make sense since it favours full units over units with few units.

Light infantry has attack of 30 and cavalry has a defense of 20. So if we where just to compare numbers  attack would always win. I am guessing that there is some kind of random chance.

The factors in an attack  are

  • K (basic attack)
  • E (Experience Bonus)
  • U (# of units)
  • D (Defenders Armour)
  • T (Terrain Defensive strength)
  • R (Random factor)
  • B (base percent)


attackRollPercent = B+E +  (K   – D * T )

So each attacking unit gets an attack roll and then each defending units gets one.



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