Attention stealing software Attention Horing? / Timerobbing?

The most valuable commodity I have is my time or rather my attention, my focus. This is when I get things done, when I move the world. But as a IT professional I am surrounded by things that takes my attention, and I am not talking advertising here. Advertising goal is to take your time and your attention, they are doing it on purpose, what I am talking about is stuff there must be a idiocy or incompetence. I am talking about all timestealing idiotic system out there. You all know these situations

You want to write a blog post, and for some reason windows has to use 20 seconds to resume even with a freaking SSD. 20 secs is enough to loose focus,and OSX resumes immidatly.

You start your machine to check your mail, but have to deal with idiot updates messages. Yes I am looking at you Adobe, Oracle, Firefox and Microsoft.

And the more advanced. You copy some sentence over from a webpage into word and it transfeers the freaking format from the webpage. Stealing my attention and why would I want to transfeer the format? I am writing not formatting.

So we are constantly attacked by this but what is is called? I need a name, Attention-thiefing? Timerobbers?


PS: While I wrote this my Wifi died and would not connect to any router. Thankyou Levono for making my case (The routers all work)


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