I just got offered a fantastic the opportunity at work, develop our new mobile game. The game was supposed to be outsourced, but I got it. So now I am dedicated 100% to the game for the next 19 weeks and have some graphics support. This is the biggest challenge I have had to face so far, and I am excited and a bit afraid. (guess that’s healthy). The game is for the i-platform (ipone,ipod,ipad).

I have yet to discover how we are going to approach it and I am officially being pulled out of the department as a ressource and put into a mobile detachment.

So I have spent many hours looking at different technologies such a HTML5, XCode and finally Unity, and here is what my conslusions so far are.


Lots of demos, nothing real. Most HTML5 games i found did not work on iPhone or ran too slow. The idea that you code once and then it just works is nonsense, its the usual “code once, debug everywhere”. The are a few frameworks and game engines, but they are all brand new with nothing professional to show. HTML5  advantage is that its easy to do with a lot of our content.  I’ll do a seperate post about it.

XCode/Objective C

Well, I would love to learn it. But I have 16 weeks to do the game and XCode would mean that I have to learn a new language and then program a game on a new platform. Besides doing it in apple universe would mean that we would have to program everything again when we move the APP to android, seems silly.


Well here is a platform I know, for good and for bad. Its an excellent game engine with lots of support and its very easy to get started. But, it’s a 3D not a 2D engine, and its UI system is crappy, and what do I do with all our social HTML based content who are bound to creep into the game at some point. It supports both iPhone and android.


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